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Ever find yourself wondering, "Oh, what was that story I read a few weeks ago? Was it on Teaspoon or LiveJournal?" Well, chances are someone else will be able to pin it down for you.

This is a community to search for lost fanfics -- New Series or Classic Doctor Who. (And yes to those who asked, also Sarah Jane Adventures and Torchwood.) Here you can try to locate a story you remember reading -- make requests for someone to write a story for you -- ask for recommendations for something specific you might like to read -- ask if anyone knows about WIP updates -- anything you like. dw_ficsearch is one-stop shopping for fanfic info. Chances are, you can help someone find the story they're looking for, so please speak up.

Posting is open to everyone, so feel free to either join the comm or simply friend it for updates.

RULES: Eh, we're pretty easy-going, really. Basically, keep it more or less on-topic, don't be fucking stupid and start a post with any variation of "Please delete if inappropriate", and don't bash characters, actors, or ships. Ever. (No, not even "subtly"; trust me, it's not that subtle.) You can hate any character/ship/actor you want*, but don't even think of telling us why. Keep your reasons for character-hate, and your life story, to your own journal.

*You're perfectly welcome to ask for bashing!fic if you want (if you can do it without being a douchebag), but don't be surprised if you get no replies other than gasps or shock and horror.

Breaking either rule will get the entry deleted without warning.

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