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Doctor Who is awesome, The Avengers is awesome... clearly there must be crossovers where such awesomeness occurs. Do any of you lovely Whovians know of some? Torchwood/Avengers is also acceptable, mainly because Jack interacting with any of the Avengers would be hilarious and just all around fantastic.

For bonus points, are there any fics out there in which there's some sort of relationship or history between Gallifrey and Asgard? The Time Lords wouldn't approve of their meddling (and behaving like bilge snipes, to steal Thor's comparison), but I'd love to see some history there. XD

Thank you! *hands out cookies to everyone who helps*
Time Stays, We Go
The Doctor can't resist helping sad children, and the second son of Asgard certainly qualifies.

Incomplete, but it's lovely as-is.
Oh, that *is* lovely - thank you for sharing! :D
Read Avengers #7 of the New 52 http://www.funnyjunk.com/channel/doctor-who/Best.+Crossover.+Ever/aidoGnv/