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Hey there everyone,

I’ve had a VERY erm, 'difficult' (where 'difficult' is a stand in for a MUCH harsher word I don't like to type out) couple of days. Had to bury two puppies and a kitten. *still crying* ANYWAY nothing cheers me up quite like reading about my favorite characters going through hell.

I’m in the mood for some SERIOUS Whump/ Hurt-Comfort fics, pretty please. Tortured, raped (non-con), sold into slavery, abused, anything is fine, but no death fics please, unless the death isn't permanant. Physical whump is preferred over psychological stuff right now. Graphic or non-graphic is fine… I’m more interested in the rescue and recovery bits, anyway. Happy, or atleast not sad endings, please.

Doctor!Whump is my favorite, since it’s rarer, but anyone else is fine too. Nine would be fantastic (I don’t think I’ve ever seem a non-psychological whump fic for Nine), Ten is great (Most Doctor Whump seems to be Ten-centric), and Eleven would be great too (I can’t seem to find many Eleven whump fics either, and considering what a pretty boy he is, that’s weird).  Any pairing or gen, and any length.
(Deleted comment)
Amberfocus is one of the BEST H/C writers out there. I love her stuff, and hadn't gotten to some of these yet, so thanks!!