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In the fic, I believe that Rose was cleaning the ballroom, and started dancing and singing songs about the Doctor, courtesy of the TARDIS. The Doctor was watching her from the console room. It was on Teaspoon or on Fanfiction.net.
Thank you.

I'm looking for a Nine/Rose story dealing with Rose suffering from menstrual cramps. It had explicit and NSFW elements in it. So far, I've only found one that deals with accupressure or one where Nine experiences the pain for her. Does anyone know if any other stories that deal with this topic? It was an older story posted prior to 2010 - we think.

Thanks in advance for any help!
Hi all,
I am looking for some good reads for my birthday tomorrow. I have been rewatching from the 9th and realized how annoying I find Adam and madame depompedore. I was wondering if anyone can recommend stories with them, but not showing them in a positive light. I remember reading stories with madame where she acts all "swooning" and tries to seduce the doctor but he was in a relationship with rose. Drama ensues...
It's one of my favorites. So anything angsty and mature works for me :)
Hi all,
I'm looking for some good multi-chapter adventure/romance stories to read. I'm looking for 9/Rose, 10/Rose or even 11/Rose stories. Reunion fics, baby fics, pure porn fics are all welcome. I'm particularly looking for good/unique rewrites of Season 3/4, stories where Rose and the doctor are together before he regenerates into 10, bonding or weird alien sex and any hot adult themed stories. Any warnings are ok, I'm not interested in any where the Doctor doesn't have genitals, but anything else is ok. Dominant Doctor is appreciated as well.
Help! My favorite series is gone. It was a Doctor/OC fic series called "The Backwards American", and the first story was called "To See a World". It was about a girl named Gene who was incredibly smart, and turned out to be a Time Lady. She also jumps around The Doctor's timeline and romances all of the New Who Doctors.

If you find any info, please let me know. Thanks so much!
Good morning!

I read a beautiful fic awhile back where Rose is hurt on the TARDIS.  Something happened and the rooms all shifted while she was walking through a doorway, and she fell and injured her leg.  I think it was with Nine.  Unfortunately, I have no idea who the author is or what the fic was called, but I know that it was still available as of a month or two ago.

Not sure where I read it but Tentoo was separated from Rose (possibly an accident with the dimension cannon??) and he ends up buying a cottage and becoming a professor while he waits for Rose to return.
Hi! I've been looking for this fix for ages, and would really appreciate it if anyone could find it for me :)

I think I read it on ao3, but I'm not sure. Basically the Doctor and Donna are on this planet, when the Doctor thinks he sees Rose and runs after her. He gets kidnapped and taken away. Rose is also kidnapped from Pete's universe, and they're both taken to this spaceship. They share "cell", which is more like a nice apartment. Their abductors torture Rose to get her to agree to something (don't really remember what), and she tries to hide it from the Doctor. She's in a really bad state when they're finally rescued, could maybe be by Donna and Jack?
I'm looking for copies of TeaWithLemon's fics. I have The Winter Season saved, and it's my favorite fic, but I never got to read any of her other stories before she took them down. Coming to the fandom late has downsides.

Please contact me via email if you can help. Thanks.
I'm crossing my fingers that this fic hasn't been taken down, but even if it has, maybe someone will recognize it and can tell me so I can stop looking... :)

Ten and Rose were in a cave in and she was stung / bitten by some insect. She was hallucinating that it was raining during the cave in.

Ten comes back to Jackie's and she panics, thinking Rose must be dead. He tells Jackie that Rose is alive, but that she should have responded to the treatment within a certain amount of time and didn't.

Jackie essentially moves in to the TARDIS and the two of them take care of Rose. They have a heart to heart about his relationship with Rose.

Eventually Rose does recover, as she gets stronger, they take her out in a old wheelchair. For their first trip after her illness, the Doctor finally takes her to Barcelona.

Does this sound at all familiar? I'm nearly certain I read it on Teaspoon.

Thank you!
Hello! I am looking for 2 fanfictions.

1. The Doctor takes rose to a planet and mistakes it for a sister planet. On this planet there are people who have natural swirls/ tattoos on their bodies (the may or may not be blue). The Doctor and Rose either get captured and escape or realize this before they do, but they get holed up in a rundown house. Using the sonic, the doctor and rose dry mud on themselves to make the appearance of the tattoos. Rose is embarrassed because she feels aroused by the process.

2. The Doctor and Rose are either on a double date with Mickey and Martha, or it's a story with Rientte. Any way, they are on a distant planet and come across a game show that the winner gets a alien prize. It's a washing machine or something and the Doctor wants it for parts. There are two portions to the game, an obstacle like course where one partner has to guide the other through and a question round. Rose realized she doesn't really know anything about the doctor and is embarrassed.

If these stories are deleted by the author, please still let me know the title. I have many stories Archived and I might have it saved.

Thanks for any help!
Looking for a fic, but I only have one scene specifically that I remember. Rose has returned, and she and the doctor get into a fight (not sure what about) but she leaves o go to a party. The doctor finds out from Jack that she left and rushes after her. On the way back to the TARDIS, she makes a comment about how he doesn't want her, so he pushes her against the wall and kisses her and asks her if she wants him to lose control, to which she responds that she does not -- she wants him to want to want her. I think the story might be one of Rointheta's, in which case I won't find it. But if this sounds familiar, I would love to know the title/author. Thanks!
Hi. I'm looking for a particular 10/Rose pregnancy fic I read quite a long time ago, and it would have been either on TS or FF because I hadn't found AO3 yet.

It's one where Rose was pregnant when they were separated at Doomsday. I think The Doctor may have known but I'm not 100% sure, but I think he did because it made him fight more desperately to get to her before she had the baby. He finally gets to her when she's hugely pregnant and they meet again when he bursts into the lunch room/restaurant at parallel Torchwood.

Does anyone recognise this at all? Sorry if there's not the most detail but it's the reunion scene I remember more than anything else.
It is called Goddess of time by Lumendea and its sequel. It was Nine/Rose. And if you have it can you send it to me.
Right. I have several, so I apologize in advance (these are all 10/Rose, BTW).

1) Rose and 9 had a sexual relationship but it stopped after he regenerated. Rose is going to a costume party in a short, revealing outfit, 10 has Jealousy Issues, they argue, and he shags her against the outside of the TARDIS; there was a sort-of sequel wherein Rose is at her mother's and 10 calls her, and they end up having phone sex. They were on Teaspoon.

2) This one is ooooold and I can't even remember where I read it. Jack and Rose had sex before the Gamestation and she got pregnant. She went back to Jackie's because of said pregnancy, but she kept the Doctor updated with pictures, messages, etc., and they eventually got together. The baby's name was Isabella (God knows why I remember that of all things).

3) This one is straight-up porn with a cool setup. Rose and 10 are changing for some kind of event and 10 lets it slip that he wears so many layers because touch could be painful for him, but not Rose's; hers is addictive. She asks if it's possible to touch enough to build up some shields, he says 'maybe,' and wall!sex ensues - purely for protection, of course.

4) I'm looking for stories that don't bash Martha, but do have the Doctor (or Jack, or Rose, or SOMEONE) finally having enough of her -- well, bitchiness about Rose and his feelings for her, and getting her to understand that it's okay for her to like him, and be unhappy that he doesn't feel that way about her. However, it's NOT okay for her to demand that he stop loving Rose because she (thinks she) loves him and so he should automatically return her feelings. Too many fics portray the Doctor as the bad guy because he 'treats Martha like crap and leads her on' . . . except that at the very beginning, he told her he wasn't interested and it was never going to happen; she's the one who ignored that, and subsequently didn't behave like the intelligent woman she was (which really does her a disservice).

5) And last, I adore fics from an outside perspective, but they seem to be hard to find. I will adore any and all recs showing said outsider's perspective (and 9/Rose or Rose and Jack, or 9/Rose/Jack or 10/Rose/Jack are awesome, because those are beautiful relationships as well and would be absolutely fascinating to observe).

Thank you for the help!

FOUND #3!!! It's here: http://jagwriter78.livejournal.com/116967.html
The Winter Season by TeaWithLemon Does someone have this archived? She has deleted her works and her account. This story has been stuck in my head for two years and I just found out what it was called again only to have it removed from the Internet! Please help me! I loved it so much!
Hey guys, I was going through my old bookmarks of Jack and Nine and Rose stories and I swear I read a fic where Jack was Bad Wolf. In the story it amounted to being a kind of link with the TARDIS and he could pilot it psychically, I think. I'm pretty sure I read it on Teaspoon and an Open Mind but I can't be sure. Any help is welcome, thanks guys!
Getting back into Whovian fanfic after a while- and stumbled onto one or two good crossovers, the urge has hit me to see more.  Particularly interactions between our favorite Professor and the Doctor (slash is good, too).

Thanks in advance
I am not searching for the fic exactly. I am searching ways to contact AND (http://www.whofic.com/viewuser.php?uid=1033) I am in love with some of her fics and I'd very much like to translate them into russian, but for that I want to have here permission. Do you know, is it possible? Please, help me if you can.
Hi all
I have benn searching and racking my brain for an AU fic I read awhile back. Rose was an abused servant girl that 10 sees being whipped and buys her from the owner so he can heal her. He takes her back to his mansion and teaches her to read. They eventually fall for each other. I remember he is a very eligible bachelor bed rich. Sorry it's so vague. Any help is so greatly appreciated.
So I was going through my bookmarks of DW fic (it's been quite a while) and Rointheta has disappeared...What happened? Does anyone know where their fics may be archived or how to contact them??? I loved so many of those stories!
I am trying to find a story where rose is trying to get to her universe and she encounters the doctor in the current universe and its nine. they deal with atmos in that universe and she ends up back in her original universe. Please help me!

1st: 9 and Rose visit the chippie, and a sleazy guy behind the counter sexually harasses her. She gets back at him by announcing to the whole store what a fantastic lover 9 is. Leads, of course, to actual first time smut in the Tardis.

2nd: Mickey happens upon 10 doing Rose on a sofa in the library, post GITF I believe. 10 does this creepy, triumphant staring thing over the back of the sofa at Mickey while Rose mewls away under him, oblivious.


I feel like this fic is gone because its been years since I've seen it but here we go...

It was almost definitely a ten/rose fic. I remember that they go into this store and Rose gets taken into the back and strapped down on a table. The doctor is stroking this rose shaped trinket and it stimulates Rose, I remember he licks it at some point. I think Rose can see him do this on a TV or something and I think her orgasms give power to some weird alien thing.

That's honestly all I can remember.
I've been searching for this fic for weeks.

It was right after the end of the Time War. The TARDIS brought a human/Chamelon Arched Nine to a group of former companions that she'd recruited to take care of him. The group included Jack, the Brigadier and a couple others. They were keeping an eye on him--he posed as a mechanic at UNIT--while waiting for another companion the TARDIS had 'called'. Turns out the final companion the TARDIS had recruited was an immortal/Time Lady Rose.

I distinctly remember a bit where Rose was being introduced around UNIT to the mechanics and "John Smith" was hardly impressed. He was surprised to learn she knew Mandarin. Last time I read this it was  WIP...

It's not Jessa L'Rynn's "Never Quite Normal", though I love that story a ton.
EDIT: It's been found for me!

I remember reading a fic a few years back now, which roughly involved 10 separated from the TARDIS and Rose (and possibly Jack too), being injured really badly, losing all of his memory and waking up, healing over a long period of time and living a new life in a very basic settlement. He had a different name and protected and helped a family who cared for him. Rose eventually reunites with him and he doesn't want to leave, I think he struggles with his memory and at one point nearly dies?

I think his new name and/or the fic began with an 'A' and was a one word title? It was complete and quite a long fic too.

Sorry that's so vague, but I hope it's enough to jog a memory!
Hey everyone!

Looking for this fic where Ten & Rose land in a alt. universe and meets Alt-Rose. Both Roses get along and they try to trick the doctor for fun or something... But Alt-Rose ends up going to the Doctor and leaving with him instead. After the Doctor finds out they go back to the alt-verse where theres a huge war going on and Rose has been fighting...

That's about all I can remember. Thanks in advance!
I've just spend the afternoon trying to find a funny fanfic I read 2-3 years ago - it was vignettes about what might have happened on Bad Wolf Bay after the TARDIS left Rose and Tentoo there.  Some of the scenarios included Tentoo being part female (Donna's influence) and him saying he was hungry and then eating Rose, her mother, and whoever else was there because he's turned into some horrific cannibal.

It's ridiculous but it's driving me mad!  I've checked Fanfiction.net, Teaspoon, and AO3, but no luck so far.
Hello everyone!

I have never used Livejournal before, so forgive me for any errors I may make!

I have been searching high and low for two fics that I once read that I really wanted to read again.

1) A human nature AU with Rose and the 10th Doctor where the Doctor is hiding as a famous author and Rose is his live-in assistant. He's very demanding with her and she can't stand him. Plus he is always saying "I love you!" to her and anyone. I do remember that when he finally gets turned back into the Doctor, he accidentally leaves her for nearly a month on her own while he goes and deals with the family.

2) This one may be harder to find as I don't remember much about it. It's another human nature AU that I'm pretty sure still took place in Farrington during 1913, but both the 10th doctor and Rose are fobwatched. They are both part of the faculty/staff and can't stand each other, constantly bickering, but they do end up falling for each other. I can't remember if it was a stand alone, part of a longer fic, or if Martha was there or not.

Thanks to anyone who might know of these stores :)
Hi! The author humansrsuperior deleted her LiveJournal and it wiped out her awesome fic "Through the Little Blue Gate". I did ask her for a copy, but sadly, she did not retain one. Does anyone have a copy of the fic that they could share with me? I can show you a chat between the author and I showing that she wouldn't mind if I had a copy as I am trying to write a remix of the fic, or you can contact her on her Tumblr for proof she would not mind if it was shared. I do not intend to repost it, just use it as reference for writing the remix fic. Thank you very much! :)
Hi! I know callistawolf took her DW fics down, but then I thought I read she would re-post them, including the infamous zoo-fic Catch & Release. I still can't seem to find them. Does anyone know if she re-posted them & where? Thank you very much!
Hello! Would anyone be able to help me find these 2 fics, please?

1) Through the Little Blue Gate by humansrsuperior. I can no longer find it in Then There's Us & it's my fave AU fic!

2) 10/Rose baby!fic where they aren't exactly together & Rose stays on Earth in a house the Doctor sets her up with during her pregnancy. He constantly visits her with Donna & Martha. I completely forgot why Rose was upset & wanted to leave the Tardis (maybe Reinette?) but Doctor tries to mend their relationship. I'm sorry, I don't remember a lot about this one, but wanted to re-read & see how it ended.
There was a fic on Teaspoon that I'm looking for but I just can't seem to find it. It's a reunion fic. Rose is on vacation in Pete's world with her family. They're at a beach. Anyway, Ten shows up with Nine, I believe he went and got him to help him retrieve Rose from the parallel world. That's all I remember. Please help me find this!
Hi all
A few months back I had requested to find a fic but didn't get the right one.

It is after the doctor meets rose on the beach and she says "and the baby" but doesn't tell the doctor she is the one pregnant. She is stuck on Petes world and as she becomes more and more pregnant Pete becomes attracted to her. He kisses her and groped her. The doctor finally finds his way back to petes world and finds out that Pete was attracted and assaulted her.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

hello, i need to find this fanfiction where the atmos, car thing happens in Rose's world and she finds nine and he takes her back to her world where ten and donna are dealing with the car thing. if anyone can help me that would be great
I read them awhile ago and wanted to reread but can't for the life of me remember. I think they are on Teaspoon...they may actually be the same fanfiction...

First one Rose finds out Ten doesn't have any manly bits but the somehow use regeneration energy to grow him some.

Second one Rose gets pregnant so they find a planet for her to stay on. They end up growing tardis coral in the sea on the planet. Jack and Donna are in the fic and end up together. Donna trains to deliver Roses baby. Nine shows up in the fic. Jack is trying to get rid of his immortality. Everyone ends up being time lords/ladies...Please help!
I'm looking for a fic where Ten and Rose end up on a planet just in time for some sort of fertilization festival, and the locals lock them in a nice hotel room to shag. Every time they shag they release some sort of golden energy (artron maybe?) and it is apparently killing Rose, so Ten ties her to the bed in an attempt to keep her from coming on to him or something. Anyways it ends up that the energy wasn't killing her but transforming her due to Bad Wolf, she ends up Time Lady-ified, and the planet was the home of baby TARDIS coral that all their shagging fertilized, closing some sort of paradox. Also the planet's name somehow translated to Bad Wolf? It's been a while lol

Thanks guys!
There was a set of fics on livejournal that I have been looking for. There are five of them, and they're TenToo/Rose post-Journey's End fics. The first fic starts out with TenToo waking up in the TARDIS, but he's older than Ten because he was Ten and then he aged and lived his life. His companion died, his TARDIS was dying or had already died, and then he was dying himself but he woke up in the TARDIS as TenToo. Then the fic goes on after Bad Wolf Way and Rose has a Torchwood team and they go investigating a disturbance in time that leads to a castle? In one of the later fics, the Doctor starts using a table to build the baby TARDIS. Does anyone have any idea what I'm talking about?

Also, super duper awesome it would be if anyone knows of fics in which Rose lied to the Doctor on Bad Wolf Bay and she was pregnant. She tells TenToo when they end up in Pete's World permanently and they go on to become a family.

Oh - and Ten and Jack end up in Pete's World and they meet a kid named John that thinks his teacher is a Slitheen and they find out that he's Rose's kid. Does anyone know that one too?
Hey Everyone,

So I been searching for a bit for two fics (not sure where I read from, could be ff, lj, ao3, who knows) with very luck.

First one is a 10th Doctor/Rose Post Doomsday: He is travelling with Martha, but keeps going back in his timeline (whenever he is super sad or after a bad adventure) to see Rose when she is away from the younger him. Martha keeps asking where is going and why she can't come. Rose thinks she must be dead in the future and the visits just keep counting down. The last visit is at a hotel while her current Doctor is shopping for parts, the older Doctor and her say goodbye outside and Martha sees. After he walks away Rose breaks down and Martha comforts her, and then confronts the Doctor about being a jerk to put that all on Rose. The Tardis (I think?) shows her the Doomsday beach scene and Martha points out that Rose was hinting she was the one who was pregnant, a clue for the future Doctor. So, they go and get a very pregnant Rose (and family) back from the alt. universe, and everyone is there for the birth. Super angsty, adult, with HEA.

Second one is 11 and Rose set mostly in the episode "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship" 7x02 (think it might have been ff, but I haven't found it yet). She appears all golden and Bad Wolf (on the beach that is the power room in that episode) in front of Brian and Rory and she is very angry at the Doctor. I can't remember the details, but I think it was whump where she was tortured by Torchwood and her family is dead. Rose doesn't plan to stay with him (maybe go find Jack?) He keeps trying to hold her hand and she is not having it. They ride the triceratops together, and she has her own gun, kicks ass. Amy is confused by this new woman the Doctor is desperate about. Rose does explain the reasons she doesn't want to stay with the Doctor and I think she leaves, but comes back years later? I can't remember a lot of it.

Usually I can find fics that I am looking for pretty easily (unless they have been taken down, then I search in vain for hours) :( So, I am not sure if I am just being really stupid and they are right in front of my face, or if they are gone. I would sincerely appreciate any help or information :) They are bugging me like crazy.
Hi all,
You are truly amazing at helping find lost fictions.

So there is a fic I read awhile back where Rose was pregnant in Petes world and Pete becomes obsessed with Rose. He kisses her and rubs her belly. The doctor shows up and confronts Pete and Rose about their behavior.

Any bells?

Also, anything else like this, please share!