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There was a fic on Teaspoon that I'm looking for but I just can't seem to find it. It's a reunion fic. Rose is on vacation in Pete's world with her family. They're at a beach. Anyway, Ten shows up with Nine, I believe he went and got him to help him retrieve Rose from the parallel world. That's all I remember. Please help me find this!
Hi all
A few months back I had requested to find a fic but didn't get the right one.

It is after the doctor meets rose on the beach and she says "and the baby" but doesn't tell the doctor she is the one pregnant. She is stuck on Petes world and as she becomes more and more pregnant Pete becomes attracted to her. He kisses her and groped her. The doctor finally finds his way back to petes world and finds out that Pete was attracted and assaulted her.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

hello, i need to find this fanfiction where the atmos, car thing happens in Rose's world and she finds nine and he takes her back to her world where ten and donna are dealing with the car thing. if anyone can help me that would be great
I read them awhile ago and wanted to reread but can't for the life of me remember. I think they are on Teaspoon...they may actually be the same fanfiction...

First one Rose finds out Ten doesn't have any manly bits but the somehow use regeneration energy to grow him some.

Second one Rose gets pregnant so they find a planet for her to stay on. They end up growing tardis coral in the sea on the planet. Jack and Donna are in the fic and end up together. Donna trains to deliver Roses baby. Nine shows up in the fic. Jack is trying to get rid of his immortality. Everyone ends up being time lords/ladies...Please help!
I'm looking for a fic where Ten and Rose end up on a planet just in time for some sort of fertilization festival, and the locals lock them in a nice hotel room to shag. Every time they shag they release some sort of golden energy (artron maybe?) and it is apparently killing Rose, so Ten ties her to the bed in an attempt to keep her from coming on to him or something. Anyways it ends up that the energy wasn't killing her but transforming her due to Bad Wolf, she ends up Time Lady-ified, and the planet was the home of baby TARDIS coral that all their shagging fertilized, closing some sort of paradox. Also the planet's name somehow translated to Bad Wolf? It's been a while lol

Thanks guys!
There was a set of fics on livejournal that I have been looking for. There are five of them, and they're TenToo/Rose post-Journey's End fics. The first fic starts out with TenToo waking up in the TARDIS, but he's older than Ten because he was Ten and then he aged and lived his life. His companion died, his TARDIS was dying or had already died, and then he was dying himself but he woke up in the TARDIS as TenToo. Then the fic goes on after Bad Wolf Way and Rose has a Torchwood team and they go investigating a disturbance in time that leads to a castle? In one of the later fics, the Doctor starts using a table to build the baby TARDIS. Does anyone have any idea what I'm talking about?

Also, super duper awesome it would be if anyone knows of fics in which Rose lied to the Doctor on Bad Wolf Bay and she was pregnant. She tells TenToo when they end up in Pete's World permanently and they go on to become a family.

Oh - and Ten and Jack end up in Pete's World and they meet a kid named John that thinks his teacher is a Slitheen and they find out that he's Rose's kid. Does anyone know that one too?
Hey Everyone,

So I been searching for a bit for two fics (not sure where I read from, could be ff, lj, ao3, who knows) with very luck.

First one is a 10th Doctor/Rose Post Doomsday: He is travelling with Martha, but keeps going back in his timeline (whenever he is super sad or after a bad adventure) to see Rose when she is away from the younger him. Martha keeps asking where is going and why she can't come. Rose thinks she must be dead in the future and the visits just keep counting down. The last visit is at a hotel while her current Doctor is shopping for parts, the older Doctor and her say goodbye outside and Martha sees. After he walks away Rose breaks down and Martha comforts her, and then confronts the Doctor about being a jerk to put that all on Rose. The Tardis (I think?) shows her the Doomsday beach scene and Martha points out that Rose was hinting she was the one who was pregnant, a clue for the future Doctor. So, they go and get a very pregnant Rose (and family) back from the alt. universe, and everyone is there for the birth. Super angsty, adult, with HEA.

Second one is 11 and Rose set mostly in the episode "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship" 7x02 (think it might have been ff, but I haven't found it yet). She appears all golden and Bad Wolf (on the beach that is the power room in that episode) in front of Brian and Rory and she is very angry at the Doctor. I can't remember the details, but I think it was whump where she was tortured by Torchwood and her family is dead. Rose doesn't plan to stay with him (maybe go find Jack?) He keeps trying to hold her hand and she is not having it. They ride the triceratops together, and she has her own gun, kicks ass. Amy is confused by this new woman the Doctor is desperate about. Rose does explain the reasons she doesn't want to stay with the Doctor and I think she leaves, but comes back years later? I can't remember a lot of it.

Usually I can find fics that I am looking for pretty easily (unless they have been taken down, then I search in vain for hours) :( So, I am not sure if I am just being really stupid and they are right in front of my face, or if they are gone. I would sincerely appreciate any help or information :) They are bugging me like crazy.
Hi all,
You are truly amazing at helping find lost fictions.

So there is a fic I read awhile back where Rose was pregnant in Petes world and Pete becomes obsessed with Rose. He kisses her and rubs her belly. The doctor shows up and confronts Pete and Rose about their behavior.

Any bells?

Also, anything else like this, please share!

Looking for a fanfic i lost years ago. Rose gets kidnapped and enslaved by an alien called hydra (a plant), and she gets brainwashed to obey simple orders. Jack and ten save her.
Rose and TenToo stay in the prime universe. Ten rescues them from something, but TenToo dies. Rose is pregnant. She insists the child isn't Ten's. I think TenToo gave Ten all his memories and a bond with Rose
Hi everybody,

spent the last hour searching the Internet, maybe you can help me.

I`m looking for a fanfiction about Ten and Rose.
They went to a planet together (kind of holiday/leisure planet, I think), their relationship was developing very slowly. At some point, they were separated, but Ten could go back to an earlier point and take Rose away, although his younger self was somewhere around and he had to be careful, not to be seen by himself. It was pretty dangerous, bending/breaking the laws of time like this, but he didn't care and just wanted to get Rose.

He acted quite reckless and it turned out bad for a while, but was good in the end. The TARDIS didn't approve and marooned him at some point or didn't open up. There were also own characters included, who interacted with both the Doctor and Rose.

Does anybody have an idea, what I'm looking for? I think I read it on teaspoon.

Edit: Found it! It is "Minutes and Hours" by WhoMe (http://www.whofic.com/viewstory.php?sid=51403&textsize=0&chapter=1)
Hello All,
I'm looking for a specific fic where Rose is in season 3 with Martha and the Doctor. The doctor have that, they are together but not thing going on and Marth is freely flirting with the Doctor (who of couse is flirting back). They arrive on the ark from season 7, along with the Ninth Doctor. Rose and the Ninth doctor work together to fix their part, and Martha and Ten work together on a different part. Rose confesses that she is thinking about leaving the Doctor and nine convinces her to stay.

In a later chapter, during their Blink episode, Rose meets the 11th doctor and kisses him outside their apartment. Martha sees and is happy, but the doctor knows otherwise.  This could be from the same fic, or a different one.

On a completely different note, any good recommendations where rose goes back in time with all her memories in order to make sure Doomsday doesn't happen? Or where Rose stays on this side of the void while the Doctor is stuck in the other universe? Or some really good doomsday fix-it, Rose in season 3 fics?

Thanks a bunch!

Fround the story. It's Run With You by mltrefry. Still any recs are welcomed!
The fic i read where rose was dancing and singing doctor songs in the TARDIS ballroom and the doctor overhears and goes to her
Read a story about three years ago, most likely on Teaspoon, where the Doctor loses the Tardis, for good. He and Rose are living off cash sonicked out of ATM machines, living in a hotel room. The Doctor is not doing well, at all. In fact, he's going into a deep, dark clinical depressed state. Something happens at the end where they are sealed inside a flooding room, and he realizes he wants to live. It's a very angsty story.

Anybody recognize it?
I believe I read this on Teaspoon and an Open Mind, but it's been years, so I could be wrong. It was sort of a twist ending. The Doctor and Rose and Jack were captured by some aliens. I think it was the Doctor's POV. The three were being threatened somehow. Jack sacrificed himself- I think he stepped in front of a spear for the Doctor or Rose? and died, and then they all woke up out of a trance thing, and it turned out that the aliens were testing their reactions to the threats and determined that Jack was the best. However, none of our trio particularly appreciated the testing method.

Anyone remember what I'm talking about?
Does anyone have copies? I love, love, love The Winter Season, and I really want to read Home as well.
Hello Whovians! I know Rointheta removed all her fics, and i totally respect her privacy, but i really wanted to read some of her fics. "Stagnation" and "See You again". I know this is not the right place to ask for it but I don't know of any other sources, but if anyone has these two fics saved, can you please mail it to me at bigwhofan14@yahoo.com. I promise I am only asking for it for reading purposes only. And if Rointheta herself is reading this request and willing to share the fics with me I will be ever so grateful. Thank you very much.
Okay, I've been sucked back into the vortex of whofic and I'm looking for some of my old favorties which I guess I never bookmarked?  Or saved, or linked to, etc.  These two I'm having particular trouble with:

An AU of Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lords, with Rose, where Rose and the Doctor had just recently gotten married, and then the Master kidnaps her.  Jack's ex Captain John Hart is there, as is Martha, and Jenny.  I'm pretty sure this one was on Teaspoon.

A Human Nature fic with Eleven and Amy.  I think Eleven was a professor?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

(Tagging this as best I can. Didn't there used to be a Year That Never Was tag?)
A couple years back, i read this story about The Doctor and The Master (maybe travelling together?)
I don't remember much about it except it had a scene where The Master places a Bliss mood-altering drug onto The doctors neck and then proceeds to taunt The Doctor about how much he cares and that life is so much easier when you don't care. If any of you have read this story and have a link please send it my way i'm desperate. Thanks :) !
I am looking for a threesome story with this pairing or trio actually, and it involves that Amy and Rory discovers that the Doctor is psychic and feels when they kiss and have sex.

I think that Rory is the one that discovers it first. Any idea?
I recently read Just a Human by Groovy Kat and I loved the timey-wimeyness of it and would like to read something similar involving Rose and the Doctors. The Doctor and Rose must be together in the end and I don't want anything that is Doomsday compliant. Re-writes are okay too. I'm looking for anything with multiple Doctors, not picky really on which Doctor but I love 10, 9 and 11. Classic Doctors are okay too. Just a Human featured 4 and 10 prominently, when 9 met Rose he was already married to her but Rose didn't marry him until she came back from Pete's world. That's the sort of story I'm looking for. Thanks!
Hi all,
You have been amazing these past few times, so I thought I would give it a go and ask for another fic. I am looking for au where the doctor is a teacher and rose is the student. Looking for some hot doctor rose action. I read one awhile back where he was her economics teacher and they ended up having feelings for each other. Something like that. Adult ratings are fine.

I'm looking for a doctors (8-12) paired with Rose. It's AU,2 chapters long but I think it's a part of a collection of short stories. I also remembered reading it in AO3.

Thank you!
Hi all,
I'm back again looking for another fic that I misplaced. Rose and the doctor are in a relationship and she finds she is pregnant. She is about to tell him when he brings Rene on board. A little while later she leaves him after Rene songs him. She meets up with Jack to see the ninth doctor for a checkup. I hope someone knows what fic I mean.

Thanks in advance!

I am looking for a fic that I read in fanfiction.net, it was from Donna´s POV or the writing focused more in her thoughts and reactions.

In a zoo Donna notices that Ten is staring gobsmacked at a young father with his baby in a sling or some-such contraptions, I am not sure in what order the next thing happened:

-Eleven is giving a Doctor like educational lecture to the baby
-Eleven says to Donna he is the Doctor
-Ten has spend so much time without reacting that Donna asks if only one of them can function at a time
-Donna exclaims "you are wearing a baby" why? Eleven unconvincingly answers he is babysiting, Donna says what kind of parents will leave their baby with him, she gasps that he must have stolen the baby
-Ten finally burst out with incredulous question about how, why, who? he is a father in the future, Donna reasons that maybe it was tube baby, clone or some-such. Elevens grins saying that it was all natural with the mother, Ten says no way he could have just maybe contemplate fathering a child only with... I am not sure if he said Rose or merely implied it
-Amy shows up berating Eleven for feeding Rory some alien candy that will make him hyper/weird, climb the jungle gym and fling his poop to people, Donna acuses the Doctor of wanting to "mate" with her after all and that when she died/leaves him he looked for a replacement ginger with who he had this Rory kid and the baby, Amy denies it and says Rory is her husband, Donna respond your husband flings his own poop to people!
-Is mentioned by I think Eleven that Brian must have his hands full with Melody raising holy hell/rebellion in the petting zoo
-Rose comes for the baby because is feeding time, Ten does a renacment of his gobsmackedness but more happyly

Ummm, the fic feel way less cracky while reading it. Still would be grateful if somebody could help me find it
Hi all,
I am looking for a story I read awhile ago. It features the 10th doctor and Rose. He tells her he has a machine to change into a human. They make a bet that he couldn't last a month or so as a human. He basically turns into David Tennant and is a stage actor. Rose is his stylist. Could anyone help me find it?
Also if there are any other good chameleon arch stories but with rose, I would greatly appreciate it!
Not sure where I read it. It's a one-shot where Eleven accidently winds up in Pete's World. He visits Rose and TenToo, and finds their lives appallingly domestic. There's a sulky teenage daughter who sneaks out and paints Eleven's Tardis.
I seem to be in the mood for post-gitf fics. The pairing needs to be strictly Ten/Rose. If anyone as any recommendations, let me know.

Also, if anyone has any Ten/Rose sickfics, hurt/comfort fics, or just some good whump, I'd like some of that too. :) Thanks.
I'm looking for a variety of Doctor/Rose fanfics. My favorite is 10 but I would love 9, 11 and 12 in that order.
Any fanfics involving the two of them bonding/getting married, would love any with a telepathic nature or different Gallifreyen rituals.
Any fanfics where the Doctor is built different than a human male and sex is different between Rose and him.
Any fanfics where Rose is pregnant, especially if it's different than a human pregnancy or any fanfics where they have a family.
Any fanfics where Rose is somehow turned into a time lady/immortal/doesn't age and is with the Doctor for hundreds of years.
Any fanfics where Rose comes back to the original universe after Journey's End because she's not aging/she's being hunted/Duplicate Doctor dies. This is the only type of Duplicate Doctor story I will read.
Any AU fanfics with the Doctor and Rose in any other situation and they're both human, especially historic fanfics.
Or any other great multi-chapter Rose/Doctor stories you love. All warnings are ok with me, especially smut. I'll read anything as long as it's well written. I don't like rewrites unless they are unique.
The Tenth Doctor(probably the metacrisis) has spines in his penis. There's a scene where he's in the bathroom(maybe in a hotel) plucking them out with tweezers.

Any ideas?
A while ago I was reading a story called Time's Champion on ff.net. It has since disappeared, and I wonder if anyone knows where it might be found now and who wrote it. It must have not disappeared too long ago because I could still find google results to it (screenshots below). It went into the beginnings of the Time War, and had Eight and Charley married with two daughters at the Academy, Romana and the rest of the Gallifrey gang, Ace made an appearance near the last chapter I got to read.

I hope pictures are allowed here.

All I remember is that the Doctor is leaving Rose on Earth. She is crying and begging to not leave her but sadly he did. When The Tardis disappeared, Mickey is running towards her because she's crying.
I remembered that Rose had a car accident.
The fan fiction is unfinished, sadly, but I'm searching for this one for so long. Thanks you. :)
EDIT: Thanks, got it!

Hi all,
I am looking for anyone willing to share a copy of "The Winter Season" by TeaWithLemons. Or if someone could get me in contact with her.
It is my favorite by far Rose/Nine story, and I was distressed to find my bookmark led to a blank page.
Please? Anyone able to help?
All I remember is that Rose and the Docotr are reunited very shortly before Blink. I know this made martha jealous and she tried to cause trouble between them (mentioning the doctor kissing martha as a distraction i think.) i think the last chater ended with them all in 1969
Also, any
martha fdoctor/rose fics that feature a jealous martha would be amazing, shes my least favorite companion


I need your help with a Reunion fic Ten/Rose.

The doctor visit a cafe in London where he sees Rose. She came back from Petes World ,works for Jack (Torchwood) in Cardiff and is over 100 years old.  She leaves the cafe and the doctor follows her. But she doesn´t want to see him because she thinks I is or will marry River(Story from Ten2 her husband) But he found her in Cardiff and he persuades her to make a trip in the Tardis.  The land on a planet but the Tardis gets sick and so Rose. They can´t leave the planet and so he takes care of her. They got closer and she told the doctor  about her life in Petes world.

I thought it was Rointhetas story "Stagnation" but this is another Reunion story. I know I saved this story but I  don´t know the title . Please help me!!

Thank you

I need help finding Romana/Doctor stories. Can any of you recommend me any. They can't be drabbles or one shot, I want something with chapters or novel length size they could be WIP or completed. And please something with good grammar. I am reading 10blue10 fics, so something like that. I am really missing Mary Tamm and need classic feels but author created Romana or any other Romana are fine too. You can also recommend Romana centric stories but if you do please don't recommend any that have the Doctor paired with anyone else. Thank you for reading my request. We need more Romana stories people are forgetting about her.
So...I started reading this fic a while ago (on Teaspoon, I think) and I can't really remember much of if except that there was a part where the Doctor got on his knees and asked Rose not to leave him (?) I was half asleep at the time and thought I had bookmarked it so I could finish on the other day, and then I gone to sleep my cellphone died and when I finally recharged it I couldn't find the story '-_-
Anyway if someone could please tell me the name of the story so I can finish I would be very thankful
Also, rec lists for post gitf fics would be very much appreciated (^_^)
Hey guys, I'm looking for fics where any of the doctors is in love with rose but doesn't think Rose feels the same. It doesn't matter if they get together. I just want some unrequited love
And if anyone has fics that contain the following I would love to read them. Thank you. Self pimping is more than Welcome.😊
- Fics with virgin Doctor
- Fics where the doctor doesn't have the right parts or is insecure about his bits.
-alien biology sex
It was either on Fanfiction.com or Teaspoon and an open mind. There was Jack, Ten, and Rose. Basically, Rose worked at Torchwood in Petes world, and an alien threat (that looks like a plant), comes in and kidnaps humans. I remember she used poison darts or whatever. Anyway, rose is brainwashed to become the alien's slave, and her name becomes "Rose 1". Jack comes in to save her, and instead becomes her sort of caretaker, to make sure that the slaves stay alive and shit, until the doctor travels through a mirror to try and save them. Anyone able to help?